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1. Birchot HaShachar & Pesukei DeZimrah

Cover Page – Birchot HaShachar and P’sukei D’zimrah

Pedagogy – Birchot HaShachar and P’sukei D’Zimrah

2/3/4 – Tallit…Tefillin…Studying Torah §

10/11 – Vihi Ratson — Rabbi Yishma’el Omer…Y’hi Ratson

12 Atah Hu Ad Shelo Nivra Ha’olam

15 – Mizmor Shir Chanukat Habayit

18 – Hodu Ladonai, Kiru Vishmo

21 – Y’hi Ch’vod Adonai L’olam

23 – Hal’luyah, Hal’li Nafshi

25 – Hal’luyah, Hal’lu Et Adonai

26 – Hal’luyah, Shiru Ladonai

27 – Hal’luyah, Hal’lu El B’kodsho §

28 – Baruch Adonai L’olam

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Cantor Hazzan Pinchas Spiro z"l


Cantor Spiro was born and grew up in Jerusalem. As a boy, he worked under a famous cantor, was enrolled at a cantorial institute and attended Yeshiva. He obtained his teaching certificate and continued on from his conservatory in Jerusalem to study at Julliard. In his words, “Nusach is the cement that holds synagogue music together.” He took pride in teaching nusach to the young people of his congregation as well as to the youth of the movement (Conservative) at large, in the hope that it will continue for generations to come.

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